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We specialize in providing high quality photo mosaic murals 
for your home, school, company or organization. 

The murals are printed in high resolution on heavy gauge vinyl and can be  applied just like wallpaper or can be suspended from the ceiling. 
We use a photo mosaic process in which your mural image is made up of many individual tiles or photos, which when viewed from a distance, resolves into your mural.

A great way to display unity and a common purpose for a business, church, school or other organization.
Visit the gallery to see examples of our work.

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We can design your mural for you based on your specifications or you can send it to us in any number of formats including print, photo, or any digital format you may have including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw and others. 
You then send us your collection of individual photos in any digital format. The more photos you have the better! A minimum number would be around 100, we have done murals with as many as 4500 individual images. 
We prefer to have you send the photos on a CD, DVD or flash memory. Once we have your mural image and collection of photos, we apply our mosaic software and  send you an email proof of your mural, once approved, the file is printed at 360 dpi on heavy gauge vinyl which can be hung or can be applied
just like wallpaper. We can also do smaller output such as posters as well as many other materials.
For more information on the process, please click on the "How it Works" button, 
For pricing, click on the "Prices" button. Be sure to explore the Gallery for examples and ideas...If you have any questions or need information not presented on these pages, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

The eagle image above was made from a collection of around 4000 of our own digital photos from family events, vacations, holidays, etc.
There are 130 tiles across and 60 tiles vertically for a total of 7800 tiles. These mural images can be output to photo quality paper at any size or can be printed on any number of different materials and applied to any wall at any size. Call for custom sizes and materials